Laundry Renovations

laundry renovation

The laundry room is often the least prioritised part of the home when it comes to sprucing up and upgrading. The truth is that, it must actually be on top of the list when you are thinking about home improvement projects due to the following reasons:

  • Improve functionality and accessibility – do you feel so stressed doing the laundry even when you are using a washing machine? There must be something wrong with the room’s ergonomics. If you have a growing family or an aging family member, renovating your laundry room to accommodate the changing needs of the household is a smart idea. Whether you are preparing for today or for tomorrow, laundry rooms must be a safe, convenient, and comfortable place to do the task.
  • Save on utility costs – outdated washing machines and dryers require lots of energy to work efficiently. Similarly, leaky water pipes or faulty water supply use up and waste lots of water. It is best that you invest in high-quality washing machines and have the leaky pipes repaired or replaced by the pros. These may cost significant amount of money upfront, but you will surely enjoy the savings you get from your water and power bills in the long run.
  • Boost the overall aesthetics and appeal of your home – homebuyers and even those who are looking for a home to rent often get interested in properties with well-designed and fully functional laundry room. Having this makes living a lot easier. Washing clothes is a very essential task, and not everyone has the luxury of time to do their laundry in commercial laundry rooms. With this, investment in this home improvement project is definitely worth it.

In addition to bathroom renovations, we also specialise in laundry renovations in both residential and commercial clients in Toowoomba, Queensland, and nearby areas. We offer cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions `for your laundry areas. We design, redesign, and we build. Dial our number and let’s talk.