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    Home Renovations

    Home improvement projects can take up a lot of your time and energy for any Aussie homeowner. There is a lot to think about and take into consideration, from design, the materials, and you have to oversee the construction and installation.

    Toowoomba Bathroom Specialists is here to help you with your home reno projects, specifically bathroom and laundry rooms and make the whole process a breeze from start to finish. Our many years in residential and commercial renovations allow us to master the craft of upgrading and improving your existing bathroom and laundry installations, or we can build an entirely new one, if necessary.

    A Comprehensive Range of Bathroom and Laundry Renovation Services

    Finding the right building and home reno service provider in Toowoomba, can be a challenge considering the fact that there are so many of them offering the service. However, if you are looking for a comprehensive range of services for your much-needed bathroom and laundry reno, then you don’t have to go further. Find all these services in one place – Toowoomba Bathroom Specialists.

    When you choose us to be your service provider, we guarantee hassle-free and stress-free renovation project from start to finish. We can even handle even the cleaning part! We design aesthetically appealing, safe, comfortable, and highly functional bathrooms and laundry rooms. In every phase of the project, we assign a qualified, hardworking, licensed, and experienced team member who can get the job done right the first time.

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    Let’s Design Your Dream Bathroom

    Toowoomba Bathroom Specialists, are experts in both residential and commercial bathroom and laundry renovation services. We can provide you with cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions based on your style, preferences, and budget. Our team works closely with every client because we believe that each project is a collaborative work.

    Your ideas will be always be on top of our priority, and you always have the final say. From design to material selection, installation, and even maintenance, you can entrust them all to us and we promise that we will never disappoint you. We specialise in the following renovation services:


    Bathroom Renovations

    Our bathroom renovation services include design and installation services. Whether you have an existing bathroom to be redesigned or you want to start from scratch, our team can handle it all.  Some clients we have worked with already have their own pencilled plan on what their personal oasis would look like. In this case, we only offer them guidance and give recommendations to improve their existing designs, if applicable.

    However, our team can also provide you a complete bathroom design and layout based on your style and preferences. We can start from zero – let’s start by first knowing your visions, ideas, and your expectations. Our professional bathroom designers will come up with the layout based on your preferences and specifications plus the estimates. If you agree on the design and the estimate, we can then move on with the project.

    We will help you pick the right electrical and plumbing fixtures, cabinets, wall and floor tiles, accessories, and decors. Our team will also be the ones to install them, make sure they work at peak efficiency, and we will even clean up the mess we made. We have professional cleaners on our team to ensure that your bathroom is squeaky clean and ready to use.  We literally have everything you need in one roof.

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    Laundry Renovations

    The laundry room is the one of the most hardworking parts of a home yet often the most neglected one. If you are planning to have your bathroom renovated, it is also a smart idea to have the laundry room renovated as well, as doing so saves you a lot of money than doing it separately.

    Having a custom designed laundry room gives you a lot of benefits. Not only will it boost your home aesthetic appeal, it also significantly increases its value. Moreover, if the area is specifically designed to your style and preference, you will find it a lot easier and more convenient to do your everyday laundry.

    Why Choose Us?

    Toowoomba Bathroom Specialists is the name to call when you need bathroom and laundry renovations in Toowoomba, Qld, and the surrounding areas. We know that there are many others like us in town offering the same services, but there are just too many reasons to choose us. The following are just some of it:

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    Exceptional Workmanship

    with our years in the industry, we have perfected the craft of bathroom and laundry renovations. In fact, many of our customers recommend us to their peers and colleagues, and even the old ones keep coming back. This is just one proof of our exceptional workmanship that we strive to maintain over the years.

    Along with our experience and skills, we also provide the highest quality materials possible. Our team also performs tasks in accordance to manufacturers’ specifications, industry standards, as well as safety protocols.


    Comprehensive Bathroom and Laundry Renovation Services

    because our team wants to make your much-needed renovation project a lot easier for you, we will provide you everything you need to achieve it. You don’t have to worry about finding and hiring separate plumbers, electricians, carpenters, designers, and even cleaners because we have them all in our team. In addition, we can supply all the materials you need, and even when they are not available, we can always find a reliable supplier.

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    Excellent Customer Service

    just like in any other renovation project, you should expect that there will be troubles and hassles along the way. But when you choose us to be your bathroom and laundry renovator, we guarantee that you will be stress-free from start to finish. We work closely with you so that you get updated in every phase of the project. Also, we always leave you the final say. In other words, your choices and preferences are our top priority.


    Honest and Competitive Price

    our team believes that in order for us to win loyal customers, we should always provide them with competitive prices without hidden fees and surprise charges. Our exceptional workmanship comes with honest pricing, and when combined with brilliant customer services, top-quality products, the results are truly amazing!

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    How much do bathroom and laundry renovations in Toowoomba cost?

    The cost of both the bathroom and laundry renovations, whether it is for residential or commercial property, depends on a number on different factors. This includes the size of the area that needs to be renovated, the amount of labour needed to be done, the type and quality of materials preferred, and even the people you hire.

    In Australia, a typical bathroom renovation could go around $17,500 while a basic laundry renovation may be around $5,000 to $10,000. For minor bathroom renovations and average bathroom renovations, costs range from $5,000 to $15,000 and $15,000 to $25,000, respectively. For luxury bathroom renovations, however, the cost could go around $25,000 – $40,000.

    Which areas of the bathroom remodelling is the most expensive of all?

    When doing bathroom remodelling, expect that the biggest chunk of your budget will go to the tiling and the plumbing. And you see both of these in the shower area. These parts of the renovation process can be quite expensive mainly because it requires high quality materials and high level of skills for the installation.

    These areas are always exposed to water and moisture, thus, all materials must be resistant to these elements so they can serve its purpose for many years or even decades more. Plumbing fixtures must be installed properly to ensure safety and comfort when using the bathroom. This means hiring licensed and insured plumbers to get the job done.

    Can I do a DIY bathroom and laundry reno?

    There are pros and cons when you opt to the bathroom and laundry renovations on your own. You may save some money upfront by not hiring professionals to do the job for you, but if you think about the long term results, DIY is not worth it. If you have the skills, knowledge, experience, and the right tools and equipment, then it may be a good idea. Otherwise, just leave it to the experts.

    Remember that bathroom and laundry renovations involve complicated areas such as plumbing and electrical works that only experienced hands can handle. A mistake that seem to be simple could potentially wreak havoc.

    What type of tile is the best for the bathroom?

    When choosing the bathroom tiling, you should invest in high quality ones. The bathroom receives the heaviest traffic on a daily basis, and it is exposed to water and moisture. The first ones to get wear and tear are the tile flooring and walls. With this, investing in the best quality of tiles possible will save you from the potential costly repairs or replacements brought about by poor quality tiles and installation.

    How can I save on my bathroom renovation project?

    Your budget for your bathroom renovation project could easily go haywire if you don’t really know what to do. This is why entrusting the project to the experts is the best idea and will guarantee you that you can achieve your goals while staying on budget. Here are additional bathroom renovation tips that can help you save a lot:

    • Simple updates on accessories and decors, or installing new or additional shelves, rails, and racks can have a big difference in the overall look and functionality of the bathroom. Repainting can also do wonders.
    • Leave the plumbing lines, drain pipes, and electrical connections to where they originally were installed. You can change some outdated parts that are visible while maintaining the original lines. However, you have to make sure that they are all still functioning properly and efficiently.
    • Reuse, recycle, or restore fixtures, decors, and accessories that still look good and functional. Professional bathroom designers can help you find the most cost-effective solutions to reuse them and save more money.

    Your One-Stop Bathroom and Laundry Renovation Specialist in Toowoomba

    Toowoomba Bathroom Specialists is a trusted bathroom and laundry renovation service provider, serving residential and commercial clients in Toowoomba, Qld and surrounding areas. Should you decide to finally invest in high quality renovation project, don’t hesitate to call us. 

    If you’re up in the Goldie and looking for any reno’s, check out our partners Kitchen Renovations Gold Coast.