En Suite

bathroom en suite

Waking up in the wee hours to walk down the hallway to respond to the call of nature can be very bothersome and annoying. Having your very own en suite bathroom saves you from all this. En suite bathrooms or “in the room” bathrooms offer convenience and comfort. Whether or not you have an existing en suite bathroom that needs upgrade or you want a new one installed, let our team at Toowoomba Bathroom Specialists help you.

If you are in the Toowoomba area looking to boost the aesthetic and functional appeal and value of your home by renovating or constructing an en suite bathroom, Toowoomba Bathroom Specialists is the name you can count on. We have built and renovated countless en suite bathrooms that accommodate our client’s needs, preferences, and budget.

Most of our en suite bathroom renovations include the following features:

  • Space saving – our designs have space-saving features because we want you to enjoy comfortable, safe, and convenient space to move around and at the same time keep and organize all of your stuff. We can free up the floor space by opting to wall-mounted or floating shelves, racks, and cabinets. This way you can keep all your clutter in these storages and enjoy a wider, more comfortable space.
  • Making smaller bathrooms look wider and bigger – smaller spaces can be a bit uncomfortable. It makes your movement restricted, and it can sometimes be an eyesore. If having a small bathroom is inevitable, we can make it look even bigger. We can do this by opting for wider, light coloured floor tiles. We recommend using floor tiles with colours like white, off white, cream, or light grey.
  • Efficient lighting – our designers usually recommend natural lighting by incorporating larger and bigger windows into the design. However, if the space or location of the bathroom does not allow, we just use energy-efficient lighting system.

En suite bathroom is a must have in every home. Whether you want to have it upgraded for personal use or to prepare your property for selling, contact us at Toowoomba Bathroom Specialists today.